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  1. We make changes to our site all the time. This MAY cause problems if your computer has kept a cached copy of one of our pages on your hard drive.....In order to avert this problem do the following every so often:

For those of you using NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR

  • Attempt to RELOAD the problem page (Press the Reload Button)
  • Clear your cache, you'll find this in your:
    Options -> Network Preferences -> Clear Cache (both of them)

For those of you using INTERNET EXPLORER

  • Attempt to REFRESH the problem page
  • Clear your temporary files (same as a cache), you'll find this in your:
    View -> Options -> Advanced -> Temporary Internet Files Settings -> Empty Folder
  1. Because Browsers (the software you use to surf the web) involve complicated protocols and socket connections they can and sometimes do screw up a system internally..... If you're having problems all over the net and not just at 40+ 50+ then you know that something is up.

Try these things

  • Close/Exit your browser. Then reload it. Still got problems?
  • Reboot/Turn off and back on your computer. Still got problems?
  • Re - install your browser (If you don't know how to do this then get somebody who knows how to do it for you, or bother the support people at your internet service provider .... i.e. AOL, Prodigy, Compuserve etc...)
  1. We may have made I.P. Address changes recently (Internet Protocol), by moving parts of 40+ 50+ onto new servers. These sorts of changes can cause local routers (Internet traffic controllers) to loose track of where we are....This problem will only last between a few hours to 24 hrs. at the most. All we can do in this sort of situation is wait until all the routers between our server and your home computer have caught up with the changes.

  2. If none of the suggestions above helped then your problem is specific. E-mail us with exacting details about whatever is happening on your screen - please be specific and quote any error messages you may be getting. Provide us with the following info:
  • Your full name
  • Your user login name
  • Your system (Mac, PC 486, PC Pentium etc...)
  • The Browser you're using (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mosaic etc...)
  • Your internet provider (AOL, MSN, Compuserve, Prodigy, etc.....)

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